Global Co-Farming Hub

Co-Farming Hub = Collaboration = Community


Belong to a global Co-Farming movement of change. HELP us HELP FARMERS by becoming a Co-Farming member today. Keep up to date with the latest developments and events. Members will have exclusive access to a range of Co-Farming Hub member benefits such as discounts on farmers’ produce, training and partner offers as they become available.

The Co-Farming Hub is the network for people interested in agribusiness. We help you connect to like-minded people, collaborate on projects and pool resources.

Get access to training to learn innovative farming methods and develop & enhance your connection to the local community.

Why co-farming?

The project acknowledges the emerging need for a shift in agriculture away from centralised, mass scale, industrialised models towards a more intensive / diversified model and the need to provide support to farming communities.

The Co-Farming Hub values:

  • Sustainability – ecologically, socially & financially
  • Intensive / diversity – greenhouses, poly-cultural land use
  • Broad spectrum of farm operators
  • Flexibility – lowering risk profile around innovation, experimentation, etc.
  • Co-operation – utilising synergies in labour, resource use & marketing
  • Food integrity & food quality for all

Join the global Co-farming movement of change

If you are interested in joining the Co-Farming Hub and become a part of the growing wave of interest in Australian agriculture and help inspire new & existing farmers to take up more sustainable farming, we offer a simple membership pathway for all.